Long time no sea..

Well I just realised it has been quite a while since I posted anything in here, mind you its not as if I haven’t been doing much, because since then I’ve somehow sorted myself out on scheme that will give me about 20hrs work with a community group (still in talks getting details together), will be helping out with a battle of the bands in the Townhouse bar (details will be available tomorrow through media outlets) for about 12 weeks, Helping set up a new Sea angling club in Galway which will cater for both boat and shore ( the Galway Buccaneers SAC ) with the website, Twitter, FaceBook and linked them all together, and all of the above listed happened in the last few days!!

Fun times ahead with all of that.. wooohoo.

Another thing that has happened in the recent past is (drum roll please…)
The band I was in has split, yes you read that right.. The Wave has split, it’s not as if it is no more though, and it was a fairly amicable arrangement. Things came to pass as they do, and as with everything else a decision has to be made, and the male singer said if it comes down to it, he would leave, but take the band name with him. and after a few discussions, about where the band was going and where it could go were talked about it came to pass that four of us would venture out nameless and in a new musical direction and the male singer would continue on with the name ‘The Wave’. Whom already have a gig lined up this Sunday the 11th of September, Best of luck you guys, I really hope it works out well for you.

So now there are four of us all sitting around computers and phones trying our best to find a name that suites us, and with over 100 names listed I think we have finally come to a short list of about 3 or 4, but it seems that one of the members has gone to bed so a decision wont be made tonight!!

And I think after all this I really need to go fishing, the one thing I know that will settle my mind with everything that has gone on, and give me time to find my Zen again!
And with everything going on at the same time I really need to find myself again, and have a nice relaxing fishing session!

Mind you, there has been a nice surprise in the last couple of days too!, in the form of a gift voucher with the value to €50 for either a meal or two or drinks in the Front Door Bar here in Galway, and all because I filled out a comment card about 12 months ago, so now you can see why I was surprised!! so I think I’ll treat the little woman (you know who you are) to a meal and maybe a drink or two.. 😉

And going back to Music again, I’ve somehow managed to buy a few more things lately! namely a Boss GT-10B multi-effects processor and a set of active speakers! but this also meant that for a few weeks I was eating very little, you wouldn’t think it by looking at me, actually you would think the exact opposite!

And whats with the weather? we have so far had two days summer this year! whats that all about? its currently like winter at the moment, did someone forget to tell the gods that the kids have gone back to school and they can finally give us our summer back?

Actually never mind the weather.. I think I need food now, either there was an earthquake or that was just my stomach rumbling! which ever, I think a cheese and Jalapeno sandwich is in order for the late night snack, In fact I’m so looking forward to it I’m already salivating!..
so on that note, I bid ye all farewell.

I’ll also quote myself this time. “It’s not what’s written that matters, It’s how you read it”.


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